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Ninja Cookie Subscription Details

This is our updated Ninja Cookie Subscription Details, taking effect on January 19, 2021.

A.          Plans and Products

Ninja Cookie Basic Plan is free to use. Ninja Cookie Premium Plan is a « Pay What You Want » paid service. Different amounts are available when you subscribe to Ninja Cookie Premium Plan on the website and you have the choice to pay monthly the subscription fees you want.

  • Ninja Cookie Basic Plan :
    • Cost : Free.
  • Ninja Cookie Premium Plan :
    • Cost :
      • Free (a one (1) month free license can be granted for free),
      • 0,5€/month or 1€/month or 2€/month or 3€/month or 5€/month or the amount you choose. Annual plans are also available.

B.          Fees and taxes

All prices are net prices.

C.          Frequency of Charges

Subscription fees are charged monthly to your credit card.

D.          Increases:

Ninja Cookie may, in its sole discretion, change the Cost of the subscription prior to the end of the Minimum Term. Any change will become effective once a new term starts unless you decide to terminate.

E.          Term:


F.           Minimum Term:

Minimum Term for monthly subscriptions is one (1) month

G.         Termination:

Either Party may terminate the License at any time prior to expiration of the Minimum Term.

Unless terminated by either Party, the Term shall automatically extend for the next applicable Minimum Term.

H.         Scope of License:

One (1) user per license. License may not be shared. User is solely responsible for any activity with his own license.

I.             Updates & Upgrades, Support and Services:

Ninja Cookie may offer updates, upgrades, support and maintenance during the term, but has no obligation to do so.